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Company Overview

BNP Securities has been providing security services since 1983. Our core business is the protection of people, assets and valuables for our broad cross-section of clients.

BNP Securities utilities the latest technologies to aid in the prevention, detection and minimisation of client specific risks associated with their business.

Our organisation continually evaluates and improves it’s policies, processes and systems as part of our commitment to continual improvement strategies.

The very nature of the security industry requires an ongoing commitment to moving with the ever changing face of technologies, legislation and above all the accountability. Our vision as a company is to always exceed our customer’s expectation, our extensive list of established and satisfied clients can all attest to the high level of care and attention they receive from our organisation and it’s people. Honesty, communication and overall presentation are only part of the criteria we use to select and evaluate our staff. We provide continual improvement training to all of our personnel to ensure that they have the most up to date knowledge and skills to better service our clientele.

We are closely affiliated with specialists in the field of Electronic Access Control, Electronic Security Systems, CCTV and Monitoring. BNP also employs specialists in the area of risk management and provides a unique internal investigation team. Due to the constant changes in our client’s needs, we also provide both overt and covert private investigators to assist in protecting your Businesses Intellectual Property, Internal theft and Fraud. Our quality consultants and affiliates have enabled us to provide a wider range of services further enhancing our ability to meet client expectations.

BNP Securities is a fully insured and licensed security company (Master Licence No. 405723477). Our range of services and particularly our ability to deliver the client with customised care is what we see as one of our key differentiation within this highly competitive industry.

There can be no greater priority than the safety of the people we employ or protect. BNP Securities is committed to a safe work place and has a range of systems, policies, work methods and risk minimisation strategies to achieve low LTI frequency rates.


Always Exceeding Customer's Expectation


Protecting People Property & Assets Through Experience, Teamwork & Technology


Knowledge, Leadership, Teamwork, Transparency, Innovativeness